Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome to the world of Pat McCraw's books


Pat McCraw is an German author, born 1955, living in the middle of Germany with her three kids and her two dogs.

When her husband died in 2010 she started to write her autobiography, but after 700 pages she realized that this was such a private text - she would never publish it. But - it was the first time that she wrote more than a short story.

Pat is a big fan of sexy vampires like the ones in J.R. Ward's "Black Dagger" books. But after reading more vampire stories, books about erotic archangeles and cool transformers she decided that world did not had erotic aliens before.

She created the Duocarns: Solutosan the stardust-warrior, Tervenarius - the fungide hybride, Xanmeran, the acid-man, Meodern, the fastest superman ever and Patallia, the medical of the group.
The enemies of the Duocarns are the Bacanis. Both spaceships, of Duocarns and bacanis, are stranding ob earth near Calgary. The first book: "Duocarns - The arrival" is telling how both groups are managing to live on earth. The Duocarns have good luck. The sexy warriors get help from female humaniode Aiden, who is falling in love with the Duocans boss Solutosan. And, believe it - he is not prepared to this situation. He has no idea how sexy he is. He wants to find the Bacanis but has no clue how to find them.

When Pat was telling the story to her daughter Sialyxz, who is an fine artist of Yaoi and Mens Love, she said: "Mom, its boring when the Duocarns are all heterosexual - please give the crew some gay members."
Pat listened to her daughter and Tervenarius, who had the order to search for an house in Vancouver, got his boyfriend David.

The Bacanis had less luck. After they stranded they started robbing and murdering the humans, eating their brains. The never thought that the Duocarns are also on earth. But ...

No, I will not tell the whole adventure.
Duocarns issue one are on their way to be translated and will be published in Jan 2013.

The Duocarns universe grew. Up to now it has 7 books with more than 1500 pages. Here is an small introduction on youtube:

All Duocarns:
Duocarns - The Arrival
Duocarns - Snares of Love
Duocarns - The Three Kings
Duocarns - Adam the Egyptian
Duocarns - Love has Claws
Duocarns - Eternal Love
Duocarns - Alien War Planet

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