Friday, February 22, 2013

Fetishmodel: Miss Mary's Fetish Ebook on Amazon

My Fetish photobook in English:
Fetish-model Miss Mary is reporting on her inimitable way about her fetish photo
shoots and shows her photos.
A sexy candy for lovers of fetish and
In the first part Miss Mary reports about:
01) The
02) Sexy Bunny
03) The Latex Corset
04) The Elf
05) Fur
06) Mystique
07) Ballet boots - oh my god!
08) Latex
09) Luxury Lady
10) Minimalistic Briefs
Important Service Notice: Undisturbed enjoyment of exclusive, colored photo material with
Tablet, Kindle Fire and PC.
Amazon “squeezes” all photos into 127 KB.
Unfortunately this has a negative impact on my high-quality photos, so I have
therefore created a code for all buyers. Use this code to login to my webpage
and enjoy the photographs in high resolution. You can find details regarding
this at the end of the booklet.

Now on


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