Friday, August 15, 2014

Brand new: Duocarns - The Arrival by Pat McCraw

Time, work, money - now the result: DUOCARNS - THE ARRIVAL

Two years are over since I decided to have the Duocarns translated. 
My English is understandable, but that's all.

I started to find an translator via translatorscafe, got lots of applications and asked the applicatns to give me an excerpt how they are planning to translate the German text.

I was astonished because I never thought that there are so many different way to translate an German sentence. I chosed 4 examples and posted it to G+ in order to find English or American authors to check and advice whom I should give the job. 

They decided Ed was the best.

Edward Maltby from UK got the job and started to work.He did a great job. But after translation I found out that the German original was still looking through the words.

I searched for an editor and found Alex Millward from UK, who did not know the German original. He changed the book into a proper international English. He also did a great job.

Finally my daughter Sialyxz, who is reading tons of fanfiction, checked the result, found some unlogical things and a some grammar problems. After that proof I decided that its enough.

I spent a lot of money and time, but I dont regret it, because today I finally present: "Duocarns - The Arrival".

The story: On the hunt for their mortal enemies, the Bacanis, five attractive aliens – Duocarns warriors – find themselves stranded with their space cruiser near the Canadian city of Calgary. The crew possesses some unusual talents…
Their leader, Solutosan, is the first to gradually become aware of the erotic fascination that he holds for humans. The streetworker Aiden manages to snare him for herself.
The gay warrior Tervenarius also attracts the attentions of an earthling - David, the estate agent. Although he resists at first, David is not to be put off and things soon escalate.
The Duocarns suspect that the Bacanis are also on Earth. Despite the distractions of their amorous adventures, the warriors continue their pursuit.
After landing in Vancouver, the Bacanis have rather less luck than their foes. Led by their unscrupulous, power-hungry captain Bar, they embark on a secret campaign of robbery and murder amongst the unsuspecting human population. Bar establishes a drug empire – but never guesses that his nemesis is still closing in on him.

Its on Kindle right now. Have fun!

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