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Bi-lingual Fantasy book: Improve your German knowledge and get entertained

Duocarns - Die Ankunft + Duocarns - The Arrival in one book.

Improve your German knowledge and get entertained.

The story: On the hunt for their mortal enemies, the Bacanis, five attractive aliens – Duocarns warriors – find themselves stranded with their space cruiser near the Canadian city of Calgary. 
The crew possesses some unusual talents… 
Their leader, Solutosan, is the first to gradually become aware of the erotic fascination that he holds for humans. 
The streetworker Aiden manages to snare him for herself. 
The gay warrior Tervenarius also attracts the attentions of an earthling - David, the estate agent. 
Although he resists at first, David is not to be put off and things soon escalate. 
The Duocarns suspect that the Bacanis are also on Earth. Despite the distractions of their amorous adventures, the warriors continue their pursuit. 
After landing in Vancouver, the Bacanis have rather less luck than their foes. 
Led by their unscrupulous, power-hungry captain Bar, they embark on a secret campaign of robbery and murder amongst the unsuspecting human population. Bar establishes a drug empire – but never guesses that his nemesis is still closing in on him. 

Try this book about readers are already saying:
From "Mummy":
The Duocarns series is a sci-fi/fantasy series originally written in German. This is the first book in the series which has been translated. It is very different to anything I have read before, not strictly mm but not fully mf either, instead it contains both all mixed up with a weird bunch of aliens, and it is very interesting and really enjoyable.

It took me some time to get into the story but once I became familiar with the names of the aliens and their landing on Earth I began to enjoy it.

The story follows two groups of aliens who crash land onto earth. The first group of aliens - the Bacanis who crash in Vancouver, are the baddies, regarded as predators by the Duocarns warriors who hunt them.
They are a bit like alien vampires and unfortunately they find that they quite like the taste of humanity.

The Duocarns are the goodies. They had been hunting the Bacanis and followed them as they crashed to Earth. The Duocarns land in Calgary and although they suspect that the Bacanis are on earth they don't know where but they know they must eventually hunt and eliminate them.

So both groups are stranded on Earth, the brave hunters and the evil hunted, and that is where the adventure begins. All of them have to find clothing, food and transport, and a way to survive on Earth. They also have to come to terms with the fact that unlike ET they can never go home. :(

Ans so they start to adapt finding that Earth is different. Here they have affinity with humans and with nature and animals, and as the Bacanis soon find out they have the power to do great harm or great good. This is a sci - fi adventure story with mf and mm romance and it was a really good read.

My favourite parts of the story are the relationships. The first part of the book focuses on the mf relationship between Aiden and Solutosan. It was nicely done, with a solid female character who kept her wits about her and a noble alien who gradually responds to love.

There is also the relationship between Chrom and the she wolf. Chrom is a good Bacani and is one of the Duocarns. He has a form a bit like a wolf. He isn't human but has an animal and semi-human form. He has a relationship with the wolf when in his wolf form which results in a pup/weird child alien.

Then there is the mm relationship with David and Tervenarius. These two hit it off because they are both very weird. Tervenarius being Duocarns has to hide his features from humans but David gets to know him and gets to love his golden eyes and pale translucent skin. The two hit it off when they both realise that they share a deep love of plant life, fungus and poison fish.

(Yes. Exactly. The alien weirdo and the human weirdo get together)

The story is unique and good fun. And I appreciate the author for sending me a free copy :) I really enjoyed it and I think other people will enjoy it as well. I can't say that I found it erotic. It is fantasy/sci-fi/adventure and enjoyable, with romance.

It is unique which I appreciated. I liked the way in which the characters were all very different and I liked the way they adapted to their circumstances, of course the Duocarns in a great way causing no harm, and the Bacanis through murder and mayhem.

My only disappointment is that this is the first story in what looks like a really interesting series but the other books are not yet translated :(

Boo hoo.

Alas I wait in hope. Or maybe I could take up German language classes?

A really good book which I truly enjoyed.

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